About Us

LBL has been trading since 1998 but it was in 2006 under new ownership that plans were put in place for a large expansion of the site and total reinvestment in new infrastructure, In 2009 LBL struck a deal with the Mersey Docks & Harbour Company to purchase surplus tanks from the former Mobil Terminal at Birkenhead and lease new land adjacent to the existing site at West Langton Dock. LBL replaced 14 small tanks with a total of 37 larger tanks, upgraded infrastructure and connected the terminal to a nearby deep water jetty.

Following the huge logistical operation of moving the large storage tanks across the River Mersey in a series of eight barge shipments and an extensive refurbishment program the new LBL was born, taking some four years to complete.
Today, we store bulk liquids for many of the UK’s leading companies and our philosophy is simple – Look after the Customer!

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